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The program is aimed at people who, income, fall into two categories now, with distinct motives by category:

From 16 to 5 2011 are two income categories:

Category A

Owners of eligible homes, including individual or family declared income does not exceed 40.000 € or 60.000 € respectively.

The incentives include 100% interest subsidy (interest-free loan) in conjunction with a grant of 35%.

Category B

Owners of eligible homes, including individual or family declared income is between 40,000 and 60.000 € and 80.000 € and 60,000 respectively.

The incentives include 100% interest subsidy (interest-free loan) in conjunction with a grant of 15%.


Implementation Program
Applications from February 1, 2011 until exhaustion of resources by region applications (dt 16.05.2011)
The criteria for eligible residences are not changed, the program is aimed at houses that are not cottages have been built before 1980, are located in areas with a price band of less than or equal to 2,100 euros / sqm (From 16/05/2011 - earlier limit of 1750,00 €), by the energy audit has been classified a category less than or equal to D and are the proposed energy-saving interventions to upgrade at least one energy class.
Integration process in the program
1) The first stage is called an energy auditor to conduct energy audit by which to determine the energy class of the dwelling, the proposed measures for improvement in at least one category, the savings will be achieved and the cost.
2) In the second stage of an application accompanied by the necessary documents to contracting bank. If building a whole building initially submitted an application by a representative of the building and then all applications for owners in the same branch.
Eligible costs related to work done after the certificate.
3) Reception of applications by the bank / check documents folder / Check eligibility of an application under the criteria.
4) After the application evaluation and ranking criteria based on cost saving intervention / Issue Resolution membership applications / Notification of approval to the contracting bank / Update beneficiaries.
5) Implement the work.

6) second energy audit / version second certificate / Monitoring energy upgrade home / Certification physical and financial progress of the project.

7) The disbursement of the loan begins with the decision to join. To complete the disbursement and receipt of the additional incentive of the grant, the beneficiary presents documents of expenditures and the second energy audit certificate.

8) Sampling test physical object implementation by the Special Inspector Office of Energy (E.Y.EP.EN.) of YPEKA.

9) Certification / Verification of proper implementation of the Act in accordance with the requirements of the NSRF.

Eligible interventions

Interventions, presented the application for the program, generated based on the recommendations of the Energy and Building Inspector relating to the following three categories of eligible interventions:

1) Replace frame (frames / glasses), and placement of shading.

2) Placing insulation on the external components of the building envelope including the roof / roof and the pilot.

3) Upgrading the heating system and hot water.
Eligible expenses include all additional interventions and work to correct technical integration of interventions.

On small jobs added in the outer thermonosi Conditions in accordance with Decision 9584/2011 ECO Minister PEKA (GG 492V/2011)

Download here the new "Guide to Implementation of the Program" published by the YPEKA May 2011

Download here the new " Guide to Implementation of the Program "  published by the YPEKA May 2011

; Category A (pre 16.05.11). Owners of eligible housing program, the individual or family whose declared income does not exceed 22,000 or 40,000;; million respectively (after recent changes). For this category, provided interest-free loans and grants (in the form of impairment of loan capital) of 30% of eligible costs, and free energy audit.

That a citizen will receive 10,000 loan would pay 7,000 euros nulliparous.

; Category B (before 05/11/16). Owners of eligible housing program, the individual or family whose declared income is between 22,000 and 40,000 or 40,000 and 60,000 respectively.

For this category, provided low-interest loans and additional funding (in the form of impairment of loan capital) for 15% of eligible costs, not foreseen in the original shape.

; Category C (before 05/11/16) Owners eligible housing program, the individual or family declared income in excess of these limits and amount declared by individual income or family income 60,000 75,000 euros.
For this category, the motive in issuing a soft loan for the total eligible budget.
In the case of an application building as a single building, given the potential of the owners of apartments and Category B to Category D incentives, if 50% of all owners of eligible housing belongs to A. The cost of energy audits for categories A and B will be funded at 100%.

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