Semi-open spaces


The term semi-space we mean the process of re-settlement of semi-open spaces, not just in the main area of ​​use.
In the flower head B entitled "Excess Building and Change of Use, Special Fine Conservation, Environmental Balance" under the law number 3843/2010, published in the Gazette A62/2010 titled "Identity buildings, construction overruns and changes of use, metropolitan regeneration and other provisions "and provides the following set of documents:

Article 5 overruns and building use changes paragraph 1. subparagraphs a. "allowed after payment of a fine keeping for forty (40) years semi-open spaces, and spaces in the basement, ground or other level of the building, located within the approved building volume under the building permit , adopted or revised to 2.7.2009 and have become the main use areas in excess of requirements and restrictions of the property and construction in accordance with the conditions, terms and procedure laid down in Articles 5-7, where the use are not prohibited by the planning provisions for land use the area in the property. " 

They have issued the following circulars and decisions dating for law enforcement and you can download:
- 03.05.2010 (Circular 5) semi-documentary
- 06.15.2010 (Circular 8) semi-process
- 07.07.2010 (decision) process for collecting fine ETERPS
- 08.09.2010 (Circular 15) which states:
- The term "premises" includes buildings of paragraph 1 of Article 23 of n.1577/85, are legalized by Article 23 to 07/02/2009.
- Law enforcement is not blocked and where required "re-file"
- A first housing means is declared to the IRS as the first.
- The stamp provided for by law 1512/1985 for the connection to the utility, and put in the form of building permit, make that the area was settled by the n.3843/10.
- Not regulated by changing the main use of space to another main use is not regulated and also change secondary to another is also an auxiliary use.
- A plot that are vertical properties, overcoming the conditions and limitations dimisis means in vertical ownership.
- 10.19.2010 (Circular 17) which diefkriizontai the following:
- Linking the tidy space with the grid will be subject only to the first installment of the amount owed. For n 'tackle the problems that have arisen, the circular notified and the services of PPC.
- The settlement covers any change of use within the limits of legitimate volume of the building, including basements which have xempazothei. -The rules for property which has not exhausted the rate, but has made up vertical or horizontal property. It applies to properties with an owner, where the fit is just a revision of the building permit.
- 28.01.2011 (Circular 1) by clarifying issues for the imposition of fines, deadlines and the retrospective imposition of taxes.
Covered outdoor EXTENSION: Article 34 paragraph 1 of the Biodiversity Act was passed as dimosieffthike the minutes of the House on 3/15/2011 "1. The deadlines for submitting documentation of paragraph 2 of Article 5 of Law 3843/2010 (GG 62 A) in planning services for the property subject to the provisions of the retained areas of the same law that expired after extended until 30 June to 2011.Gia from 1.1.2011 applications received by the deadline of first installment of the special fine, provided in paragraph 4 of Article 6 of Law 3843/2010, as amended, extended until 31.10.2011. "

- POL 1114 19 07 2010 Taxation semi-open, auxiliary rooms - check cases pending.
no tax is charged retroactively for rythmisthentes areas.

- IKA E41/139 25.05.2010 Notification for information and application of the provisions of Articles 5, 6, 9 and 10 of Chapter II of Law 3843/2010 (FEK.62 A/28- 04-2010) referred to the construction overruns, changes in use and "special penalty" conservation.


What is semi-open:

* Semi-outdoor space: semi-open space is the covered area of ​​the building, which at least one side is open to the public area or open spaces of land not count on coverage and the remaining sides defined by walls or vertical load-bearing or non-evidence and used for the removal or temporary stay of people. (Fri 32 - Article 2 of Law 1577/1985 (GOK), as amended by par.4 Article 1 of Law 2831/2000 (GG A/140-13/6/2000)) According to the great Greek architect Aris Konstantinidis (1903-1993) the semi-spaces are the "transitional space" between "inside" and "out", matched and necessary for the Greek environment, which introduced another of Homer's homes and the Minoan palace, until the Byzantine monasteries.))

* Approved building stock as shown on building permit is the volume of the building from the basement floor space, if there is up to the roof or the roof. This includes groundwater, the pilotis, architectural projections, the lofts, the space under the roof (attic) semi-spaces, the mechanical floor, the hall social events. NOT INCLUDED enclosed balconies, shaded plants supporting facilities (pergolas), construction on the roof, the lawn, etc.