Our office assumes full or partial construction of your project, with workshops, well-organized each specialty. The costs calculated analytically (materials, work conditions), the agreed consideration which includes job costing and supervision. Thus we achieve the best possible proposal since the beginning know that we also completed the agreed time.

The drafting of contracts made with a view to guaranteeing the customer against all risks, so as to clear the point that stops the responsibility of the subcontractor and starts his own.

Especially in case of renovation, home or shop after visiting the site will compile comprehensive offering on the architecture on which you have come, and if not there is also free of charge, we will give our proposals, which will costings .

Important role in shaping the final cost of renovation have existing networks (water, sewerage, heating, strong and weak currents, etc.) regarding the route and the state of materials. Before a final offer, we will capture the existing networks, so the replacement or modification of facilities (water, sewage, heating and electrical) is completely predictable and unrealistic.

Contact us here preparing bid for all building work relating to all or part of your project