The Technical and Security Coordinator for Security and imposed by the Greek legislation in all technical projects, whether private or public, large or small. It is mandatory for all projects be reported to the competent Labour Inspectorate be communication - communication of technical security, and all staff will be employed in this project. The legislation is clear and complete, but due to lack of controllability of structures on the part of the inspection work, many projects are left out and thus resulting in an accident or ill employee relationship and owner, The role of Safety Officer is to determine the measures health and safety in the workplace and ensure compliance therewith. The security measures described clearly enough by the legislation and the non-compliance increases the chances of an accident. Coordinator needed for large projects and is the one that coordinates the other technical security of each subcontractor and plays the role of the technical staff safety has a direct working relationship with the client.

Our office provides years of Technical Services and Security Coordinator, and owners and subcontractors required by their contract be associated with Technical Safety for staff and the work they perform.