The energy performance certificate

The energy performance certificate (ARC) is a document issued by the auditor (an engineer who has joined the Special Register of Energy's Inspector YPEKA).
The Energy Performance Certificate as a document verified and recognized by the YP.E.K.A which maintains a special database so that the specific codes that came to check its validity.

The Energy Performance Certificate required for all buildings over 50 m , The main purpose (residence (permanent or seasonal), commercial use, public assembly, education, temporary accommodation, health and welfare, etc.)

The ARC is required to complete the construction of a new or substantially renovated buildings.

It is also mandatory to issue Energy Performance Certificate when selling the whole building or part of.

In the case of a new lease the Energy Performance Certificate is required if this is the entire building from 09.01.2011 and if it is part of (eg apartment - store), from 09.07.2011

The Energy Performance Certificate provided by Law 3661/08 which states:

Article 1 Purpose: Under the provisions of this Act, in line
Greek legislation with Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 16 December 2002 "For the energy performance of buildings" (OJ L1, 4.1.2003).

Article 2 Definitions: Section 5. "Energy performance certificate building": a certificate recognized by the Ministry or other body designated by it, issued by the Inspector of Buildings Energy and reflects the energy efficiency of a building. "Which is a concept defined in paragraph 2 of that article as follows "Paragraph 2. "Energy efficiency building": The amount of energy actually consumed or estimated to meet the different needs associated with the normal use of the building, which may include, inter alia, heating, producing hot water, cooling, ventilation and lighting. This quantity is expressed by one or more numeric indicators which have been calculated taking into account insulation, technical and installation characteristics, design and location of the building in relation to climatic aspects, solar exposure and influence gei tonal construction, energy production of the same
building and other factors that affect energy demand, which include climatic conditions inside the building.

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