049 Static design of structures. static Any individual - individual owner must know the static design of the building used to house the activities of both family and business.
This knowledge and the degree of risk is essential for planning both the family and the professional.
The lack of experience in the technical world, the general concept of dignity was concrete and in a sense, selfish perception of owners for the quality of construction of their buildings anyway acquired with great effort, but the technical side of the world convenience by issuing a certificate static, have led the things we use today, even to invest in property that the residual bearing capacity is small. Options are beginning so wrong and dangerous, certainly for our finances, but many times for the same physical integrity us.
Not afraid to live in an old building when we know their weaknesses, how they operate in an earthquake and we incorporate in our planning minimal interventions that would veltiionan his behavior to the extent of non-collapse and avoid irreversible damage.
The state as owner of public buildings, which house many of the activities of citizens has begun procedures to control construction is much work yet. But it is not entitled to intervene in the ownership of each of us and requires us, without even may to pay, the static building upgrades. He, however, to orient the public, to raise awareness and give adequate institutional tools.

"GREEN BOX" BUILDING - (identity building - an electronic identity building)

Our office recommends:
Each building must become the "Green Box" to "Identity."
Iletroniki the Identity of the Law 3843/2010 (check here)
This should be recorded throughout the history of the building: design, construction, maintenance, operations, and all uses that are accommodated.
So, in case of earthquake or other violent event can draw correct conclusions about his behavior.
Also, the concentration of these elements will help whenever I needed any assistance in choosing the best method.
The cost is minimal and below the current perception of things. The non-existence of borders on negligence.

Contact us by sending the key features of your building, (type, floors, area, usage, year of construction) and we will bid for his pension file called "green box - identity building"


One step at "Green Box" or with
Along with the state, which according to the guidelines prepared by the EPPO act pre-earthquake inspections in public buildings to assess their vulnerability, and proposed a methodology to be applied to all structures with visual observation and assessment of data gathered and are the "Identity Building" or the so-called "Green Box". In each case the designer can apply other internationally recognized methods for the same purpose as the FEMA-G.
The ultimate goal is to calibrate the data collected for both components of the building and for non-structural elements of the building (stairs, doors, floors, ceilings, plant facilities, furnishings, etc.). Or degree obtained allows the use of special tables to determine the vulnerability of the structure.
Within the preparation of Identity Building is important to include the above seismic monitoring to be completed and will calibrate the building before the "event" and in many cases will allow users to realize the source of danger and to remove advance many of the causes that during an earthquake could endanger them.

The cost of a service is depreciated by the same provision. Ask us, send us information about your property and send you bid.


This is the computer control of the adequacy of a building in which data is the actual current situation together, and any damage from a recent earthquake or older. It is essential for determining the type and degree of intervention and identify the most appropriate methodology for the recovery of damages for the restoration of the building before the phenomenon of state or for the simultaneous seismic upgrade. This is done in pre-seismic event additions or change of use or at the request of the client for seismic protection in accordance with modern concepts.

Our firm has vast experience in the field of earthquake proofing of structures from earthquake Parnes onwards and has faced from small private houses to large hotels, as well as we participate in building large-scale public works rehabilitation earthquake buildings in OEK South Philadelphia.

The cost is of course depending on the size of the project, but has many parameters for which it is proposed to contact us and after us the basic features of your building, you know specifically for your event.


The study rehabilitation or strengthening existing structure is a computational task which takes both scientific insight and experience of the scholar, and the options the developer having to do with the degree of seismic vulnerability and the future use of the building.
The choices made here will affect the subsequent operation of the building and the residual carrying capacity of which we know the life expectancy of the building. The accumulated experience of most of the technical world with the available technical and computational media of our time can enhance safe living conditions, the long and varied our experience in all phases of design and construction, and guarantee our equipment finding the most economical solution for any problem back to a previous situation or improve the seismic behavior.